9 years ago I embarked on the adventure called “Holiday card pictures” with my toddler son. Now those of you who know what I am talking about probably just broke out in to a cold sweat, for those of you who don’t know about this annual ritual let me paint a picture for you: crowded, hot store, screaming children, crying parents, sweating…rushing to make decisions for the perfect holiday card, with not such perfect pictures, since inexperienced photographers rushed your photo session to fit in the masses of people. Ahhh, deep breath! And if all that sounds like too much fun, 5 years I added another son to the adventure…enough to drive anyone to the edge of sanity! 

So meeting Liz and John was an answer to a crazy, picture loving Mom’s prayers! At the consultation visit, I felt comfortable and at ease…dare I say relaxed! I could tell my kids felt comfortable as well. Our first holiday photo session last year was a pleasant breeze in comparison to previous years! No tears from kids or parents! John and Liz were wonderful with the kids, and that makes for great pictures. They are artistic. I am in awe of what neat things Liz can do to the photos afterwards! From the photo session to receiving the finished products in beautiful boxes with ribbons, the whole experience is top notch.

Gramm Photography also offers creative mini-sessions. Recently I took advantage of the back to school mini session. Why pay all that money for school photographs-where 1, you have no idea how they will come back and 2, always the same boring backdrops? I absolutely loved my children’s school photos this year from Gramm Photography. Really cool backdrops, including an old fashioned desk, pile of books, and a beautiful field.
One last thing I’d like to mention, other photographers which I have hired over the years decided not to continue with their careers. Liz and John have great visions for Gramm Photography. Whether it’s renovations to the studio or special ideas for packaging, their hearts are in everything they do for their business and I have no doubt we will be using them for many more years for many more special photos. 

I truly love every photo that I have purchased, and only wish I had more wall space to display them. I highly recommend Gramm photography for capturing those special family memories.


I had a plan: a special portrait of myself for my book cover.  I never realized what a huge experience of self-nurturing and empowerment this has been during and since my photoshoot with Liz and John on Sunday. The results of that one session have exceeded every expectation I could have imagined in my wildest dreams! I'm 72 and Liz managed to make me look "Ageless" -- literally!  My goal was to have a portrait that captured the essence of me, who I am and what my book is about: "Ageless & Sexy" and whatever that could mean to me. Liz got it. Beyond...she got images which blow my mind and I'm totally thrilled. Totally.


I'm working with 2 women who are authors and have gotten terrific photographs to use on their book covers from Liz. The photographs are better than just headshots; they capture the beauty and spirit of the ladies and that "picture speaks a thousand words" that can be so important in a marketing piece. I would happily recommend Liz and Gramm Photography to future clients who need a professional but lively image to help encapsulate their spirit in a frozen moment in time. Thank you, Liz! 


Anyone looking to have photo's done of babies etc..really should go to Gramm Photography.  They are sweet people who take the time to get the shots that will last a lifetime. They are quick with response through email with any questions or appointments.. and the prices are great. I finally found someone who my grandchildren will be going to for a long time. Thank You Gramm Photography!!!


I've had 2 sessions done with Liz and John, and both times were a completely wonderful experience!  Everything about doing a session with them was fun, and the pictures come out absolutely beautiful.  I highly recommend Gramm Photography because they go above and beyond, and not because they have to; but because they want to, and they have a strong dedication to their photography and their customer satisfaction.  I look forward to having more pictures done and working with Liz and John again in the near future. Thank you!


I can not say thank you enough to Elizabeth Gramm and John Gramm from Gramm Photography!  My wedding pictures are absolutely amazing!  Thank you again Liz and John for going above and beyond to give us the best wedding experience possible!  You guys are amazing.

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